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Mrs. Dudley Cross

mrs. dudley cross

Rose Type - Tea

History - English grower, William Paul 1908

Mature Size - 3' to 6'

Bloom measurement - up to 4"

Blooming - Repeats until frost

Pruning - No more than 1/3 each year

Scent Scale - 4


At the turn of the 20th century Mrs. Dudley Cross was a leading exhibition rose. As is with all teas she is especially adapted to dry, southern climates with good growth, form and color.  The flowers are of the typical tea variety with a fine yellow color with edges of pink. I would describe it as the yellow of a pale chamois cloth and shades of blushing pink especially in the fall months.

The stiff branches are thornless and hold the tea blooms erect resulting in another candidate for cutting and displaying inside. The scent is not particularly remarkable or strong for an heirloom rose but the multiple colors and beautiful blooms covering a stout and vigorous bush more than make up for the lack of perfume.  

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