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Alberic Barbier


Rose Type - Wichurana

History - By Barbier in France 1900

Mature size - 15' plus

Bloom size - 3"

Blooming - Once blooming

Pruning - Prune hard after the spring bloom

Scent - 6+

Wichurana varieties are strong ramblers that thrive in diverse weather conditions. Alberic Barbier ik an international rose as it does well in Turkey, France and England as well as the United States. This lovely specimen has shiny dark green leaves covered by pale white flowers with a touch of lemon at the base. As Wichurana's are a cross between tea roses and Japanese climbers they produce flowers brilliantly in spring. If you've never grown a rambler, well...give it plenty of room! I try not to move rose bushes, but underestimating Alberic required me to do just that. Ramblers are not for containers or small spaces. If you have ugly walls, old tree stumps or a large area to cover, plant this one and stand back! 

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