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Baronne Prevost

baronne prevost

Type: Hybrid Perpetual

History: Introduced in France by M. Desprez in 1842

Mature size: 5' to 6' 

Bloom: 3" to 5"

Blooming: Repeats from May until frost.

Scent: 8+ old rose fragrance

Pruning: by 1/3

One of the earliest and most prolific bloomers. Baronne has the classic old rose form with big flat open double flowers of packed petals in rose pink with a silvery reverse. Richly perfumed, rose judges frequently refer to it as "Dowager Queen". She starts flowering in mid may and never stops until frost on a hardy bush. The scent is pronounced and quite irresistable. Considered the finest of the hybrid perpetuals, the flowers are strong enough to be used as a cut flower. 

Baronne is a bit thorny and thick so try keeping it in bounds by cutting it back slightly after each flush of bloom. Or you could try pegging it to stimulate even more basel breaks along each cane to produce more blooms across the entire bush structure.  

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