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Buff Beauty

Rose Type - Hybrid Musk

History - Pemberton 1939

Mature Size - Climber to 15 feet

Bloom measurement - 3"

Blooming - Spring and Fall seasons are magnificent, shy repeat bloomer

Pruning - cut back to 1/3 after spring or fall bloom

Scent scale - 6+

Buff Beauty 

There is often debate about whether some roses bred after 1867 are "antiques". For the sake of argument let's call her an amazing heirloom! Buff Beauty produces blooms in one of the more rare colors in antique varieties. Ranging from apricot to egg yolk yellow, she is a real showstopper.  There are scads of "orange" modern hybrids available, but for reliability and ease of cultivation, you can't beat this old girl. The bush grows aggressively during the first three years and establishes iteself remarkably well. It's a shy bloomer during this time but at the spring bloom in year three it will literally explode with bloom production! Hybrid Musk's are tolerant of light shade so use this plant when you have an iffy area you really want to plant a rose. If it also has a southern exposure you might see the massive bloom count in year two. The scent is delicate and fruity.



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