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Celine Forestier

celine forestierRose Type - Noisette

History - Victor Trouillard in Anger, France 1860. Named after a close friend of the breeder

Mature Size - 8' - 10'

Bloom measurement - 2" 

Blooming - Repeats until frost

Pruning - Minimal

Scent scale - 8+


Celine Forestier has full "double" style flowers quartered with a little green, button eye and a flat old rose shape. Petals are shaded pale lemon to light canary yellow. The scent is a spicy tea rose, intense and pleasant. In warm environments the bush can emulate a climber and be trained up to 15'. The bush blooms freely in clusters so wrapping it around a pillar or over an arbor makes bloom production even more dramatic. The leaves are dark green, shiny and thick so they make a wonderful contrast to the soft yellow flowers. The unopened buds have a delicate pinkish cast adding another element to the lovely picture it makes clambering over an architectural support.

Noisettes are the first roses bred in North America, Charleston, South Carolina to be exact. Between 1802 and 1805 Philippe Noisette took a remontant variety of Champney's Pink Cluster to his brother Louis. A horticulturist from Paris, Louis developed the lovely Celine from  the seeds of these plants from America. The Noisette class of roses have supplied us with some of most delicate and sweet smelling of all the old rose types. Noisette colors range from white, fleshtones, pink, rosy-pink and crimson.  Celine Forestier is a lovely and satisfying addition to any garden. 





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