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Rose Type: Noisette

History: Bred by Coquereau in Le Marta Ecole near Angers, France. Introduced by Vibert 1843

Mature Size: 8' to 11' climber

Bloom size: 3"

Blooming: Repeats 

Pruning: light pruning in fall

Scent: 7+


"Cloth of Gold" (chromatella) was such a favorite of the victorian's that accompanied by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria carried a bouquet to open the Crystal Palace in 1847. Large, fully double blooms become quartered upon opening. The massive flush in spring displays larger single blooms while in fall they tend to be smaller and clustered together. Historically described as a grand and remarkable variety of spendid character.  

As with many noisettes a south facing wall is the most auspicious location for maximum flower production and plant health.  Arbors are an excellent support for noisettes as the gently nodding heads are delightful pouring their scent into the air overhead. I'm crazy about the romantic swirl of egg yolk colored petals and the fragrance they produce. 

Chromatella is one of the finest in all three categories, climbers, noisettes and yellow roses. 


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