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clematis vine

Have you ever considered combining a perennial vine and a climbing rose? Once-blooming roses can be a bit boring during the summer months so I like to grow either a perennial or annual vine close to a rose so when one bloom cycle ends the other takes over. 

Clematis, moonflower, jasmine and queens wreath are all candidates for this type of display "marriage". 

Clematis are a member of the Ranunculaceae "buttercup" botanical family. There about 300 species of the plant worldwide which originated in China in the 17th century.  The variety called "Jackmanii" has been a garden standby since 1862. Traveller's joy; virgins bower; old man's beard; leather flower; pepper vine and vase vine are all common names for the clematis. You wouldn't want to ingest large quantities of this plant as it is toxic to humans and animals. However, the American Indian's utilized small quantities of it to treat migraine headaches. 

Some species will grow to a maximum of 8' while others up to 30'! Another bonus is though not as strong as some roses, the clematis has a very pleasing perfume which fills the air around a fully mature specimen. 


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