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Climbing Pinkie

climbing pinkie 

Rose Type - Polyantha

History - 1952

Mature size - 4' x 6'

Bloom size - 3" 

Blooming - Rarely out of bloom

Pruning - By 1/3 in dormant season

Scent - 8+

History - Climbing Pinkie is nearly thornless and "climbing" is not the best verb to describe it.  I'd use cascading, clambering, soaring or overflowing. You get the picture? Waterfalls of vivid pink flowers cover the bush during bloom events. The picture you see here is my bush palnted in the fall of 2009. It's huge now and I get lots of compliments!  Since it's designated Earthkind you'll rarely have problems with it's care.  If you're so inclined you can even use it as a groundcover on a retaining wall where it will spill over in wild abandon!  The scent is unexpectedly strong and sweet so it's a pleasure anywhere you can find a place for it. 

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