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Comtesse Du Cayla

comtesse du cayla

Rose Type: Hybrid China

History: Pierre Guillot 1902

Mature Size: 4' x 4'

Bloom Size: 3"

Blooming: Repeats

Pruning: 1/3

Scent:  7+

Comptesse due Cayla has all the typical characteristics of a China like remontancy, abundant bloom and easy care.  The bush has elegant leaves and slender branches with red tips on the new growth.  Comtesse de Cayla tolerates light shade and pairs well with hybrid musks like Cornelia and Felicia.  

The flowers are a loose ruffled collection of petals cenered with yellow stamens. The color is a brilliant coral with shades of cerise pink.  The light tea like scent smells a lot like sweet peas.


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