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Confederate Jasmine

confederate jasmine


Confederate Jasmine is actually of relative of the Trachelospermum, (not jasmine) an evergreen, tender vine with highly scented white flowers that can fill your indoor and outdoor rooms with a sweet and delicious scent. Growing 12 to 14 inches per year it is a superstar when it comes to covering or draping fences and walls with a soft undulating mass of greenery.

Extremely hardy in the south, I recommend it for a set it and forget it plant that pleases every year with renewed vigor and growth. If you so desire, it can also be used on slopes and flat areas as an evergreen groundcover. Just mow it (high setting) once a year and when it's established you'll have a perennial outdoor carpet. Be sure it has plenty of sunshine and water as it grows leggy and leaves get a little sparse in shade. 

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