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Cramoisi Superieur

 Cramoisi Superieur

Rose Type - China

History - Raised by M. Coquereu at La Maitre-Ecole near Angers, France and introduced to commerce in 1832 by Vibert

Mature size - 3' x 6'

Bloom measurement - 3"

Blooming - Reliably repeats

Pruning - By 1/3 each year

Scent scale - 7


There doesn't seem to be enough superlatives to describe this wonderful red rose! Velvety crimson with shades of maroon and pale white stripes at the center of each petal suffuses to a pale pink in the center as it opens. The perfectly formed flowers bear a striking resemblance to a cup and saucer supported by numerous twiggy stems and lush foliage.  Equally at home in a casual or formal garden structure as well as strong growth and desirable habit makes Cramoisi the best of the china class!

Most references indicate that this rose has little scent but I must differ on this point. In Central Texas it blooms constantly carrying a rather strong fruity smell reminiscent of fresh cherries or raspberries. It does have thorns and makes a rather large bush so give it a little room. There is no finer choice for a specimen plant or utilized in great masses along walkways. The Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham, Texas has a sidewalk leading to the main sales area lined on both sides with this marvelous plant. Strolling down this walk on a summer's day is a little bit of heaven!

There's a climbing version available that lends itself beautifully to an arbor or tall fence next to a home painted in pale colors. You're only limited by your imagination with this versatile rose.


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