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Ducher Rose Type: China

History: Bred by rosarian Joseph Permet, Lyon, France in 1869. Named after his employer Claude Ducher.

Mature Size: 3' x 5'

Bloom measurement: 3"

Blooming: Repeats until frost, into December in Texas

Pruning: 1/3 in spring and lightly to shape throughout the season

Scent scale: 7+

When you want a plant with a high degree of landscape performance, disease and pest tolerance, the china rose class is by far my favorite for Central Texas. Ducher is considered the only white china rose so it is a useful foil for brightly colored flowers and plants. The bush (like most chinas) begins with a wider than tall shape and after year two gains the height of five feet. In well-drained soil it performs remarkably well requiring no additional fertilizer or fussing. I've never seen black-spot fungus on this rose and the intense summer heat doesn't seem to phase it!

Ducher has passed rigorous statewide horticultural testing and obtained the designation of Earthkind. Earthkind plants are considered the most environmentally responsible for use in Central Texas. You can get more information and a full list of Earthkind roses at   

The blossoms of Ducher are pale white with a lemon "heart". The petals are delicate and translucent in the sun. The bud is quite pretty and  shows a distinct tea rose shape unfolding into a flat but loose "antique" face.  The bush is a lighter green with reddish young branches and substantial thorns. When I bury my nose in a blossom I am reminded of very sweet lemonade! Here in my Austin garden, Ducher has been blooming since early March and this year is flowering in clusters as well as singles. 





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