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Duchesse de Brabant

duchesse de brabant

Rose Type - Tea

History - Bernede of France 1857. The Duke of Brabant was a Belgian King

Mature size - 4' to 6'

Bloom measurement - 3"

Blooming - repeats until frost

Pruning - By 1/3 each year

Scent scale - 8+


Duchesse is one of the best selling old garden roses for several reasons. It's incredibly easy to grow and does especially well in warm climates, the deep south for instance. The shell pink color and strongly scented blooms won't fade too soon and hold up well in rainy weather.

It sets itself apart because bush and flowers are quite tall for a shrub rose. The flowers are borne freely on a tidy light green bush with their shape resembling a teacup or tulip. I am amazed at the consistent production and perfection of Duchesse de Brabant bloom quality during our record setting high temperatures.

Small and perfectly formed, the bud of Duchesse de Brabant was a favorite choice for President Teddy Roosevelt's buttonhole! Exactly when did gentlemen stop wearing boutonniere's and hats I wonder?

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