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Rose Type - Floribunda

History - 1940

Mature size - 4' x 4'

Bloom size - 3" +

Blooming - Repeats

Pruning - Cut back 1/3 each year

Scent - 8+

The history of Eutin is a bit vague but no matter, it's peformance provides it with a multitude of fans. Red roses are dramatic at first glance but the color can lack depth. Eutin's clusters of blooms contain a hint of deep magenta making each petal stand on it's own, beautiful! Floribundas the the distinction of up to 50 blooms during each cycle and the show is really dramatic when Eutin is at full glory. I've actually had commuters roll down their windows and ask "what is THAT"!  the strong scent and resistance to fungus outbreaks is a bonus but grow this rose for the unique color and performance value.

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