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Fantin Latour

Fantin Latour blossom

Rose Type: Centifolia

History: Unknown origin around 1900

Mature size: 6' shrub

Bloom size: 2.5+

Blooming: Spring

Pruning: Lightly after bloom has faded

Scent:  8!

This beauty looks like a blend of gallica and hybrid tea or perhaps a bourbon rose.  The tiny little buds are pink and red unfurling to reveal a soft pink flower with rosy centers. The scent is like a rich french perfume and it makes a terrific specimen plant with spring flowers. The rest of the year is becomes a marvelous soft bush that adds texture and scale to the garden.

Named after Henri Fantin-Latour, a still life painter whose style is similar to Redoute of Empress Josephine's era.  Place her near a pathway or porch so you are surrounded by her wonderfully evocative scent.




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