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Foxglove (digitalis purpurea) is a biennial plant related to the snapdragon family.  Pharmaceutical companies use the digitoxin contained in all parts of the plant to create the heart drug digitalis. Highly effective on rejuvenating the heart muscle is can also be fatal if taken in large doses. 

Easily grown from seed, the tall spires of blooms can reach 5 feet tall. The structure of this garden staple is a cluster of attractive leaves at the base, a tall stem topped with a "corn cob" shape of minature "fairy" hats in a rainbow of solid colors and spotted throats. Hummingbirds will gather at these marvelous plants but the deer are able to resist nibbling on them. Guess they are aren't so dumb after all?

Foxglove has had an avid following in Europe for centuries and North Americans continue to grow them whenever and wherever conditions are amenable.

Whether you have a spot that needs a dramatic specimen plant or want a great rose companion, Foxglove is a wonderful choice. 

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