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Gloire de Dijon

 gloire de dijon


Rose Type: Noisette

History: Monsieur Jacotot, nurseryman in Dijon, France 1850. Introduced to commerce in 1853

Mature size: 15' average. Older plants discovered achieved 75 feet in length on protected walls in southern climates!

Bloom measurement: 3+

Blooming: Spring and fall with sporadic repeat in between

Pruning: Once a year by 1/3

Scent scale: 9, strong tea scent


As you've already guessed, I'm partial to noisette's and bourbon roses due to their marvelous scent potential. Gloire  (also called "Old Glory Rose") is such a fine rose that it is enthusiastically grown in over sixty countries. Resembling a tea in bud form and shortly after blooming, it morphs into a slightly muddled, blowsy handful of cream, salmon yellow, buff and pale orange. 

Like it's relative, souvenir de la malmaison, the flower face is charming and needs full sun to be at it's best. The powerful tea scent is particularly heady on a summer day and an excellent addition to dried rose petal concoctions. This beautiful and old-fashioned rose has so many good qualities that any reference book you open up devotes one or more pages of description.

It's delicate appearance belies it's vigorous nature and I would select this plant for almost any situation in central Texas. 

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