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Grow Your Own Pizza

Ever wanted to have a theme garden? It's fun, eye-catching and in this case, you can eat it to! Grow your own pizza ingrediants and like any kitchen garden, enjoy the freshest, healthiest food possible. Try these easy plants for a farm to table experience. 

Spring Onions - They like a sunny spot protected from wind and moist soil. Takes about 12 weeks to have some on the table.

Basil - Loves sunny conditions and moist soil. Be sure to pinch off the flower buds to keep it growing and producing those yummy leaves you'll use in your recipes.

Tomatoes - It's not pizza without tomato sauce! These plants come in too many varieties to count.  Stick with either the beefsteak versions for sauce or sweet and small cherry styles to sun dry and pack in oil and you'll have delicious and soul-satisfying meals.

Oregano - An herb that's easy to grow and adorable to look at, oregano is one of those quintessenntial ingrediants in italian food.  

Even if you don't have a large space for growing vegetables, this theme garden is a perfect candidate for pots. Plus you have the ability to move each plant easily to a preferred light situation for optimal growth.  Kids love to take responsibility for growing small gardens and the idea that they can "taste" their hard work makes the project more exciting for them. 


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