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Home Remedies that Really Work!

Home remedies that workIf you’re an avid gardener, no matter what your age, you’ll be sore and skin damaged from having spent an enthusiastic day outside.

I combat an achy back by wearing the best shoes for the job. I’ve used those really expensive rubber clogs for years and yes they are effective but my feet start to sweat almost immediately. Of course they hose off great but after being submerged for hours in a wet, rubber box I have a bad case of stinky, pruney toes. I’ve taken to wearing those “croc” things and less back pain! The design is in a word – ugly, but they’re made of soft foam, support my arches and have breathing holes in the top.  If you don’t want to pay the “croc” price there are lots of knock offs on the market that work as well.

Even though I wear gloves I always manage to pull them off at some point to “feel” the plants. Of course I end up with rough, chapped and sometimes painfully dry skin. Pour a teaspoon each of olive oil and sugar into your palms. Rub vigorously all over and between the fingers. Wash with soap and water, If they are still a little on the dry side, try rubbing a dime size bit of shortening into the skin. Let it soak in and wipe off the excess. Your hands will be clean and soft.

Last but not least, those aching muscles. Instead of expensive bath salts try a cupful of Epsom salt in hot bath water. Epsom is available in all grocery stores and pharmacies. It’s cheap and very effective.

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