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Leontine Gervais


leontine gervais cluster

Rose Type:  Hybrid Wichuriana

History - Barbier Freres & Compagnie in France 1903

Mature size - 10' to 15' x 10'

Bloom measurement - 2"

Blooming - once blooming in spring

Pruning - Prune once immediately after flowers fade

Scent scale - 6


A vigourous rambler, as is all wichurianas, Leontine displays big clusters of blooms in the spring which change as they mature. Displayed in sunrise shades of apricot, sulphur and pink, this lovely rose is also tolerant of shade. The scent is quite good and the pom pom flower shapes, though small, makes a very pretty picture circling around it's garden support. Again, this one grows rapidly so give it lots of room! Apparently a nice choice for covering unwanted views as it sells out fast at the Antique Rose Emporium.



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