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Louise Odier

louise odier

Type: Bourbon

History:  Margottin in 1851

Mature size: 4' x 4'

Bloom size: 3" +

Blooming: Repeats

Pruning: By 1/3 each year, removing dead branches throughout the year

Scent: 9+  Intense!


Even for a bourbon rose, Louise Odier is one of the MOST elegant of roses. She bears full, double blooms so perfectly symmetrical they are often compared to camellias. The bush is strong but quite tall for a shrub and unlike other bourbons can withstand a little shade. The flowers are beautifully cupped bearing a deep pink color and very intense scent. You can buy Louise as a grafted rose or grown on it's own root. Occasionally central Texas surprises us with ice storms and late freezes.  I recommend  purchasing this variety grown on it's own root so if the freeze kills the bush above ground you have Louise again when the roots grow a new plant!

I'm particularly fond of the olive tinted leaves and the plant's vase shape. Not many Morgottin roses are grown today so Louise Odier is a special one indeed cause you can find it anywhere, even big box and discount stores.  The famous rosarian Gertrude Jekyll felt this rose was excellent for growing on pillars. 

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