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Madame Issac Pereire

Rose Type - BourbonMadame Issac Pereire

History - M Garcon of Rouen 1881. Named after the wife of a Parisian banker. Award of Merit in 1993 by Royal Horticultural Society. 

Mature size - 5' to 7' Can be trained as a pillar rose

Bloom measurement - 4"+

Blooming - Repeat flowering. Bloom production is greater in a sunny well ventilated spot

Pruning - Light pruning

Scent scale - 10!


Madame Issac Pereire is undoubtedly one of most powerfully scented antique roses. Lovely dark green foliage and blooms ranging from shocking pink to bright magenta makes it a real standout. The brilliant colors can be dramatic or garish depending on placement so think it out before planting.  

One of my favorite tricks in a modern garden is mixing old-fashioned plants with newer varieties to achieve dramatic contrasts or whimsical focal points. Madame's strong coloring and scent helps it hold its own with deep purple salvias and sunny yellow daylilies! The long branches of this rose are perfect for "pegging" so plant it on a slight slope or against a split rail  fence and it will become a fountain shape with cascades of magenta flowers. 

The flowers are quite large and imbricated, which means the thick multiple petals curve backwards creating a sort of "shaggy" bloom. When I dry the barely opened buds of Madame Issac they turn almost carmine red and really standout in a bowl of dried flowers. I wrap the petals of this rose in cheesecloth bags and store them in the linen closet. When it's time to change sheets, I fall asleep thinking of a spring garden. 



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