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Marie Pavie

Rose Type - Polyanthamarie pavie

History - Introduced by Alegatiere in 1888. The french also call is Marie Pavic.

Mature Size - 3' x 4'

Bloom measurement - 2.5" Large for a polyantha

Pruning - Light pruning please

Scent scale - 8+


Marie Pavie is a vigorous, disease resistant and practically thornless rose. The blooms are perfect tea shaped buds that open to pale pink (like souvenir de la malmaison) clusters. It's a tough little specimen bush that's absolutely perfect for large pots or containers due to it's slower growth and quantity of bloom.  It's quite simply the easiest of antiques to grow and display in your garden.  I've seen this plant in cemeteries covered with masses of bloom in the height of summer, looking as fresh as a hot house plant with no obvious care taken to keep it that way!

I've used Marie Pavie as an individual specimen plant as described above and in long hedges or clusters to create a year round chorus of pretty flowers. It's especially nice planted near a doorway that is used often as the scent is especially pleasant when entering or exiting your home. The scent is light and fruity with a bit of sweetness thrown in, Try one and I think you'll be sold on 


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