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Marjorie Fair

marjorie fair

Rose Type - Shrub

History - Jack Harkness in England 1978. Named after a relative of the breeder.

Mature Size - 4'x 4'

Bloom measurement - Custers/nosegays up to 6" in diameter

Blooming - Repeats all season

Pruning - By 1/3 each year

Scent scale - 5



I think Margorie Fair should be called the anemone rose. But its a relative of "Ballerina" and I don't get to decide these things. The individual flowers of brilliant deep red and white "eyes" are borne in clusters resembling old fashioned nosegays, remember those?

Consumers often bypass Marjorie and go for Ballerina because of the bright color and decidely un-rose look it has. I say, if you need something with a modern, breezy feel, it's a great choice. I'm especially fond of the abundant nature of bloom production and the way it looks spilling out of a large container. The red color and white "eyes" pop in the garden and the plant seems oblivious to fungus.

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