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Monsieur Tillier

monsieur tillier

Rose Type - Tea

History - Alexandre Bernaix of Villeurbanne in 1891

Mature Size - 4' to 6'.  

Bloom measurement - 3"

Blooming - Repeats until frost

Pruning - Cut by 1/3 each year

Scent Scale - 6


I haven't been able to find out who Monsieur Tillier was but looking at this rose I would imagine a gentleman of robust character and a certain charm.  The handsome carmine red buds open with a sunset orange heart. The foliage is a leathery green with new growth tipped in mahogany. The blossoms are doubled and quickly begin to quarter and tip back to expose the sunset heart of the flower. 

This variety is one of the easiest to grow and the most prolific in flower production. Monsieur T.  seems to be a full blooded tea rose with all the great characteristics that come with this type such as bloom proliferance and resistance to disease.  If I lost the nametag for this bush and made a judgement based on performance, I would guess this one to be a China rose.  With a comparitively rare color and never being out of bloom from April to November, it's a superstar in my book.


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