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moonlight rose 


Rose Type - Hybrid Musk

History - Pemberton in 1913. Gold Medal winner

Mature size - 6' x 8' 

Bloom measurement - 2" at most

Blooming - Spring and fall. 

Pruning - light prune after blooming

Scent scale - 6 


Hybrid musks typically bloom twice a year but Moonlight has a tendancy to flower with great abandon in the fall. So much so that Pemberton recommended cutting sprays for Christmas decoration!  The small semi-double flowers are rather camellia like in appearance.  I find the pale yellow petals surrounding the bright yellow stamen cluster is especially charming backed up by the dark green leaves. The color contrast gives these blooms a bit of a glow, hence the name perhaps?

As with all hybrid musks, Moonlight is shade tolerant and is best used as a shrub rose in mixed borders. Pruning after the spring flush will encourage more buds on shorter stems and provides for a bounteous harvest of cutting flowers in the fall. If you're planning a "moon" or all white garden, this is an excellent addition.  Check out my article on "night gardens" 4/27/12 to learn more.



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