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mutabalis rose

Rose Type - China

History - Introduced prior to 1894. Once sold as "Tip Ideale". Designated as Earthkind Rose of the Year by Texas Agri-life Extension Service in 2005.

Mature size - 6' x 6'

Blooming - Repeatedly from spring until frost

Bloom measurement - five petaled flower 2" in diameter

Pruning - One strong pruning to keep it in bounds

Scent scale - 0


Mutabalis is one of the most famous of the old garden roses for many reasons. A decidedly modern looking rose bush that carries amazing medium sized "single" (5 petals) blossoms that go through three different color changes in sometimes a matter of hours! The name mutabalis translates as: the ability to change. The tiny buds open to a pale sulphur yellow, changing to pink and finally crimson red! There are so many flowers in various stages of bloom that the plant resembles a bush covered with hundreds of multicolored butterflies!  

The petals have a silky texture and flutter lightly in the slightest breeze. As an Earthkind rose this plant is a strong grower, disease and pest resistant and requires little to no care to look it's best.  As a large attractive shrub that supremely easy to grow, it's heat tolerance will surprise you here in the South. Give this one plenty of room to grow as it can easily exceed the mature size estimates and even be trimmed into a magnificent tree rose of 8' to 10' high.


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