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New Dawn

New Dawn blossom

Rose Type: Modern climber

History:  Introduced by Sommerset in U.S. 1930

Mature size: 8' to 15'

Bloom size:  Double up to 4"

Blooming: Repeats often

Pruning: 1/3 in fall

Scent: 6+

This one is a curiousity to me as comments range from "One of the best climbers" to "Of no value in Texas".  Huh?  My research reveals it's a robust plant vigourously repeats flowering throughout the growing season until nearly November.  It is a sport of Dr. W. Van Fleet showing light pink recurved, tea shaped petals.  The buds are really plump and pretty with shapely flowers that look like they belong on a may pole!

Apparently, It doesn't like the severe heat we are now experiencing in central texas and becomes a shy bloomer when all conditions are not right.  I've grown this one up north (with delightful results) and seen it growing around town in Austin. In both cases it meets expectations. I suppose you could hedge your bets and place it in an afternoon shade situation with plenty of circulation and moist soil.  Either way, when new dawn does her best, she is spectacular!


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