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Night Gardens

moon garden plants

Moon gardens are charming backyard nooks designed for evening relaxation and the occasional dinner party. The total absense of saturated color is the rule here. Hallmarks of this style are beds of predominately white blooms, silvery foliage, glowing pale green foliage, low voltage lighting, mirrors and water features.

Working long hours in an office with a long commute home doesn't allow us to enjoy our gardens during the week. Imagine unwinding after a long day in a peaceful oasis or having your dinner outside near running water. Gardens full of white and night blooming plants are essential ingrediants to create these outdoor rooms. 

You can start by carving out a small space in your current landscape and use some of these plants for looks, scents and soothing visuals.

Night blooming jasmine; white iris; flowering tobacco; white impatiens; lambs ear; artemesia; white phlox; evening primrose; white water lily; caladiums; cala lilies; white climbing rose and four o'clocks. 

Since mosquitos swarm at night you can utilize mosquito dunk tablets in water features to keep those critters in check. Bats are attracted to pale night-bloomers and they can help keep things under control too. 


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