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Peggy Martin

peggy martin rose

Rose Type - Thornless Rambler

History - Found rose re-introduced to commerce by Dr. Bill Welch 2005

Mature size - 12' to 15' 

Bloom measurement - 3"

Blooming - Repeats

Pruning - prune as needed to shape and control

Scent scale - 6+


Peggy Martin rose got her claim to fame as the rose to survive Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  A thornless climber, it was the only thing found in Mrs. Martin's garden (with the exception of a crinum) to have survived the harsh flooding and lack of care in the aftermath of this dreadful storm surge. 

Peggy's origins are shrouded in mystery because it was one of those cuttings lovingly passed down through families in the Louisiana area over the years. The clear cerise pink flowers nearly smother anything you choose to support it with.  Blooming from mid-March through May and starting up again in late fall, this remarkable plant rewards with the kind of vigourous health that really turn heads.  While visiting Mrs. Martin Dr. Bill Welch of Texas A&M was so enamoured of this rose he asked for cuttings and grows it in his garden.  After witnessing her performance through the hurricane, Dr. Welch has now shared cuttings with six other growers.  Thanks to his efforts, Peggy Martin rose is now available commercially. 

To learn more about the other plant that survived Katrina in Mrs. Martin's garden read my article on Crinum  5/16/12.

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