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Perle des Jardins

perle des jardin shrub rose

Rose Type - Tea

History - Raised by Antoine Levet of Lyon in 1874

Mature size - 3' high

Bloom measurement - up to 3"

Blooming - In the deep south it repeats throughout the growing season

Pruning - Lightly in spring and fall

Scent scale - 8+



Perle des Jardins is available in shrub and climbing form with small differences in each. The shrub is dense with a purplish cast to the branches resulting in an interesting contrast. The climber actually blooms more heavily than the bush variety but with smaller blooms. In both types the rich yellow color suffuses the new buds and continues to hold stongly as the flower petals open. 

My favorite yellow rose is Marechal Niel but it is increasingly hard to find commerically. Perle des Jardins is much easier to get and has a very similar color and growth habit without the delicate nature of Marechal in a cold snap. 

As with most tea roses the scent is lovely and quite strong. Coupled with it's ability to flower repeatedly, Perle is a standout selection for yellow rose lovers. 



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