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Recommended Annuals for Rose Gardens

companion plants for rosesRose gardens can be the crown jewels of any garden, yet they are enhanced by the careful additions of annuals that add color and scent to accentuate the the classic garden style. Any low growing annual with minimal growth habit and non-invasive nature is a good choice for the area surrounding the "queen of flowers". You'll find some of my favorites below.

* Sweet allysum - a carpet of tiny white to variegated flowers on bright green leaves
* Allium - white to lavender blooms on short stalks
* Begonias - waxy light green to burgundy plants with color ranging white to red,
* Daylily - Stella de Oro is short stemmed but prolific and comes in bulb form too.
* Geraniums (scented) - delicate flowers on fuzzy green leaves.
* Globe amaranth - bright purple, fuzzy ball like blooms - like furry buttons.
* Lobelia - Intense blues and purples in small flowers and full, flluffy plant formation.
* Rabbit Ears - soft, gray color with no flower but velvety leaves and clumping habit.
* Snapdragons - Multitude of soft colors with charming orchid like shape. Pinching the back of each flower causes the bud to open and close much like a puppets mouth. Children finds this a wonderful trick!

Not to be missed, annual herbs make a splendid addition to a rose garden while also providing the benefits of fresh seasonings to use in your kitchen!

* Italian flat-leaf parsley - Pretty mounding shape and always a bright green.
* Basil - No italian cook would be without it! Smoky green color, tall stalks
* Chives - Great in salads, soups and garnishes, skinny green tube like shapes.
* Dill - Bright green, feathery blades that clump well in a very small space.
* Cilantro - Looks much like the parsley but tastes more distinctive. A must for Mexican food!
* Thyme - A dull, soft greenish carpet of tiny leaves. Very fragrant and super in pasta sauce.

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