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Rose Type - Tea

History - Monsieur de Beauregard from Angers, France 1839

Mature size - 4' x 6'

Bloom size - 2"

Blooming - Repeats

Pruning - Prune by 1/3 each year

Scent - 6

An admiral bloomer, Safrano has the typical perfection displayed by tea roses with an exceptional shape in bud stage. This trait encouraged 19th century breeders to grow it for the boutonniere trade. The flowers are a rich apricot with a hint of dark peach and the petals recurve backwards resulting in a softly tousled look when fully open. By keeping the dead heads off the bush, Safrano will re-bloom in flushes throughout the season. This is another one of those reliable and easy versions of a tea that become a staple in any garden design. The scent is middle of the road but pairing it with a bush of similar stature (ie. Marie Pavie) you can take advantage of the look of one and the high scent of another!

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