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Souvenir de la Malmaison

Rose Type - BourbonSouvenir de la Malmaison

History - Jean Beluze of Lyon, France in 1843. Named in honor of Empress Josephine's post divorce home and gardens.

Mature size - Roughly 3' x 3'. Compact unless you choose the climbing version which can reach 12'.

Bloom measurement - up to 5"

Blooming - Repeats until frost

Pruning - Light pruning please

Scent scale - 10!


The phrase "unsurpassed among roses" is read often in reference to this plant and it's completely deserved. Despite it's delicate appearance, it's tough and reliable. The petals feel like kid gloves to me and the color ranges from flesh pink to pearly white. The foliage is always a dark handsome green with many small branches producing large sets of bloom. 

The flower shape reminds me of those massive petticoats women wore in the 50's to achieve the "new look" hourglass shape.  This rose is a standout as it blooms reliably throughout the year. In my neck of the woods (central Texas) our brutal summers require organic fertilizer to maintain big flower production. In any event, this plant is one of the easiest to grow and isn't fussy about soil PH. Now to the scent. Intense with poignantly sweet after notes, a single bloom will perfume your office cubicle or car interior. I have to walk past a bush to enter my office and I can't resist stopping to take a deep breath. If you plan to grow just a few...this is a top ten!

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