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The Meaning of Roses

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Roses are called the queen of flowers because genus "rosa" is the most widely grown flowering plant in horticulture.  60 million year old fossil remains of the "single" five petaled version have been discovered. Human cultivation seems to have begun in Persia (now Iran) around 1200 B.C. 

When you offer a rose, keep in mind that the colors of the rose blossom carries a symbolic meaning.  

Red - Love

Pink - Gentle feelings of love and friendship

Dark Pink - Gratefulness and appreciation

Pale Pink - Admiration or sympathy

White - Innocence, friendship or respect

Yellow - Jealousy and infidelity (guess we should be careful with that one?)

Orange - Passion 

Purple - Protection

Black or blue roses are said to be associated with mystery, devotion and adoration. However, those are contrived rose colors that reflect the hand of man more than nature. The meaning of a rose color certainly doesn't preclude choosing from the spectrum when giving flowers. Anyone receiving roses, for whatever reason, will undoubtedly be thrilled by this gift of natural beauty.  


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