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White Lady Banksia

lady banks

Type: Rambler

History: William Kerr brought it to Kew Gardens in 1807 from Canton China.

Mature Size: 30' feet

Bloom Size: 1.5"

Blooming: Spring

Scent: 3+

Lady Banksia rose comes in two colors white and yellow.  The yellow is ubiquitous in Central Texas but I much prefer the white variety (probably cause it's harder to find).  Regardless of which color you select its a very rampant rambler rose with stems to 50 feet on nearly thornless branches. The scent is like violets and it will survive down to 14 degrees in winter blooming before anything else in springtime. 

This picture is a single plant located in Zilker Park, Austin, Texas. I'm not sure how long it's been in the ground but it's size and vigorous nature means no fuss and rave reviews. If you're considering rosa banksia for your landscape, give surrounding plants a wide berth. It gets HUGE!

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