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Will Scarlet

will scarlet rose

Rose Type: Hybrid Musk

History: As manager of Hilling Nursery, Graham Thomas introduced it in 1950

Mature size: 7' to 11'

Bloom: 1" in clusters

Blooming: Repeats

Pruning: 1/3 in fall 

Scent: 5+


Vibrant red clusters of small double blooms centered with prominent yellow stamens. A vigorous plant that extends its size with long branches that are suitable for training as a climber.  If pruned lightly, will scarlet will grow as wide as it does tall!  If you have an awkward slope in a semi-shaded area, will scarlet would be a good candidate for color and scent. Consider planting several bushes to give the area a lush textured look with brilliant color in spring and fall. 

In the winter you'll also receive a bonus crop of orange rose hips that can be cut and added to flower arrangements.

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