Good Reading

"The Old Rose Advisor" - Brent C. Dickerson

A comprehensive and gorgeous guide to the reblooming "old" roses developed primarily before 1920. The author has exhaustively examined original material from France, The United Kingdom, and North America. Contains full descriptions, cultural directions and complete history of the development of each group.

"Roses" - Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix

A wonderfully precise compendium of 1,400 varieties photographed togethor in groups so that you can easily see the differences in color, shape and size of the blooms.

"Antique Roses for the South" - William C. Welch

Helps the reader discover the sturdy heirloom varieties that thrive in warmer climates, varieties that resist both disease and heat. Covers planting and growing, use in landscaping, floral design, rose crafts and collecting old roses.

"Landscaping with Antique Roses" - Liz Druitt & Michael Shoup

Garden design using old roses, rustling, propagating and purchasing roses as well as proper pruning and a thorough encyclopedia of the old garden varieties useful in southern states.